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Our Learning Showcase


Well Done everyone. You are amazing superstars. I love seeing your work. It has really made us all smile and cheered us all up. Stay safe and keep shining.

Love Mrs Bacon x



We miss you all! 


Chocolate Cheesecake.. Mrs Harrison

has some competition!

Where do I order one and how much? That looks so tasty! 

Mrs Harrison


Wow! That is so awesome! How long

did that take to make?

Mrs White

That looks like an interesting experiment. Reminds me of our Bubbles science.

I wonder what the biggest bubble you could

blow is? Mrs White 









This is awesome! It reminds me of our castles topic.

Mrs B x



I am so impressed with your castles Zerynn, they look brilliant!

Miss Hammond





Wow! That is amazing! Can't wait to

hear about how you achieved it.  

Mrs Dillon x



Brilliant! Just as good as the real thing.

Mrs B x







I would love to know what you are growing.

It's great that you are learning new skills.

Mrs Turner.



Are you available for sheds please?

Mrs Lyons



I love how colourful your rainbow is! Did you put it in your window?

Miss Freestone.





This is just like the one we made at Pleasley Vale. I love this! Mrs Lyons x




Love the shelter! I think its brilliant that you are outside. All that fresh air is good for you. 

Mrs White



Well Done! A beautiful and very important message.

Mrs B x


Wow! You look like you're on a beach.

What a lovely idea.

Mrs Harrison


You've been so busy Hannah! It's lovely

to see.

Miss Hammond




Your cake looks delicious! Can you save me a slice please? Mrs Dillon x 

Fantastic cakes Isabella, makes me

want to bake too! Miss Hammond


 Looks like you are on an adventure!

I bet you will write an amazing story

about it and I'd love to read it.

Mrs White











Is that the Titanic? I like that you have

used a milk bottle to make something new!

Miss Freestone.

I'm assuming that's the Titanic?

It's fabulous. 

Mrs B x



 I love your volcano experiments.

I can't wait to hear how you both did it.

Mrs B x


That looks good fun! I love that you made it erupt like a real volcano.

Miss Freestone





Green Fingers!



I love your brilliant mark making skills.

from Bev


Lava lamp in a glass!



What a beautiful rainbow! It's lovely to

see you are still smiling. 

from Mrs Turner



You must have worked so hard on this. What an amazing idea! 

Mrs Lyons 



I'm loving your creativity! It's fantastic.

Mrs Harrison x


These are fantastic!

What a talent :) 

Mrs Lyons x