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Langwith Bassett Junior Academy - Report on SEN 2018-19

The Academy’s SEN Information Report is part of the Rotherham Local Offer for learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The Local Offer can be found on the  Derbyshire County Council website at:

The Academy’s Local Governing Body has a legal duty to publish the SEN Information Report on their website about the implementation of Langwith Bassett Junior Academy’s policy for pupils with SEN.


Please click here to view our SEN poilcy.


The links below provide more information regarding our SEN Report 


1. How does the academy approach teaching children with SEN?


2. Contacts


3. How does the Academy identify SEN?


4. How does the Academy assess children and young people with SEN?


5. What support is available for a child with SEN?


6. Who are the other people providing services to young people with SEND?


7. How are the teachers in the Academy helped to work with children with SEN and what training  can they have?


8. What arrangements are in place for consulting parents/carers of children with SEN?


9. What arrangements are in place for consulting children with SEN? 


10. What arrangements are in place for supporting children  moving to another school?


11. How are adaptations made to the curriculum and the learning environment of children with SEN including access?


12. How is the effectiveness of provision made for children with SEN evaluated?


13. What support is available for improving emotional and social development? 


14. What are the admission arrangements for pupils with SEN or disabilities?


15.What are the arrangements for handling complaints for children with SEN?