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Bassett Business Kids

Bassett Business Kids is a long established afterschool club. The aim of the BBK is to support school and give back to local charities. In the past the BBK have made beautiful items to sell to our students and parents to raise money. They still do this and have added raffles to their income avenues.

The group is made up of students from Years 5 and 6. They all have an opportunity to apply at the beginning of the school year. They are chosen on the merit of their application form.

Each term they have a planning meeting, this is where they decide what we are going to target, how they going to do this and then what might be the outcome. After any event/fundraiser we have a feedback session, this gives us an opportunity to look at ways in which they can improve. When an event is in the planning stage, all the members have an opportunity to work in different areas such as manufacturing, finance, marketing and delivery. The students also help at wider school events like running the book fair and being involved with other groups within school, for example Anti-Bullying Ambassadors assisting during anti-bullying week.

The BBK like to ensure they cover all the different celebrations throughout the year, which include Easter and Christmas. They also support events held by Comic Relief, Children in Need and other national events.