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Class 3 Hedgehogs

Class 3 is where the children transition from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2. Mrs Lee and Miss Jennings are on hand to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible for the children, and provide support and encouragement at every turn. The children continue to learn through investigation and natural curiosity alongside formal teaching and learning in group, class and independent work. 

The children are challenged to give of their best and to support each other as they do so. There is a strong community spirit within our classroom and alongside the learning, we have a lot of fun! Class 3 is when the children spend their music lessons learning how to play the ukulele, focus on speaking French and linking this to real-life situations, and using their growing maths skills to problem-solve together.

Now that we are in the Spring 2 term, we will be using part of our weekly PE lessons as swimmng lessons at the Arc pool in Clowne. We travel by bus and swim in ability groups to achieve this vital life skill. All children have the chance to work towards swimming awards during their lessons. There is no charge for the lessons or the travel, and it is the highlight of the week for some children! 

English lessons are delivered with a quality text as the focus point. All the skills which the children need to learn in class 3 are accessed within an interesting and varied environment; we have found this to be an ideal way to introduce children to a wider and more mature library and to continue to nurture their love of reading which began in KS1 and will continue into Class 4.