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At Langwith Bassett Junior Academy, our curriculum is designed to be engaging, broad and rich to prepare and inspire our pupils. It is a curriculum which builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding of all children and aims for all pupils to be challenged.  Through a positive and caring environment, we provide the opportunity for every child to reach their full potential. Our curriculum evolves, based on the needs of our children and changes in the world around us. It takes into account the local context of the school, experiences and backgrounds of our children and provides them with relevant and memorable learning experiences to ensure they are equipped with the full range of skills that allow them to be lifelong learners ready for the next steps in their education and as well as preparing them for the wider world.


​Langwith Bassett Junior Academy recognises the importance of the core subjects of English and Maths in order to open up other areas of the curriculum and therefore a large emphasis is placed on these areas.  Reading fluency is essential and the acquisition of this critical skill underpins all aspects of our curriculum and academy environment in order to equip pupils with the skills for lifelong learning. Early reading is taught through systematic synthetic phonics based on letters and sounds allowing pupils to confidently blend and segment for reading and to develop fluency and understanding of texts.

In maths pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge and understanding of taught skills and concepts to solve a wide range of problems to prepare them for real life situations. In addition to regular English and Maths teaching, we try to make as many cross-curricular links as possible in order to utilise these skills in a range of contexts.


Our curriculum fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum

 (  Our staff have worked hard to create curriculum maps for each mixed age class from Year 1-6 through ambitious and challenging enquiry led learning, with clear progression and specific learning goals for every subject. It is deep, allowing children to return to and build upon previous learning, applying skills and knowledge to new challenges.


The planning of the curriculum is based around a two year rolling programme to ensure coverage of all learning by all children who progress through the school.  This programme is regularly reviewed to ensure compatibility with new directives or to make necessary improvements to the existing programme of work. 


 Our curriculum is inclusive for all and the more able are challenged according to their strengths.  Children who find aspects of their learning more difficult are appropriately supported so that they are enabled to achieve success.


All subject leaders are given training and opportunity to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development ensuring there are clear skills, knowledge progression and sequencing, allowing all members of the school community to fully understand the rationale behind our curriculum.


​We believe that children learn best when they enjoy their learning and our various and engaging topics capture children’s interest from the start through our practical, creative and exciting learning opportunities. Pupils are able to share their learning with each other and their parents and carers through academy based exhibitions, web based sharing programs, performances, competitions and events involving other schools.  Developing children’s independence and motivation as learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens is at the heart of all our teaching and learning.

Our curriculum is further enriched through local community visits and projects, school trips, visiting speakers and residential trips.  We firmly believe that real life experiences like these create lasting memories and strengthen the learning happening in school. 


The curriculum is underpinned by the schools core values of RESPECT (Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Sense of Pride, Perseverance, Empathy, Curiosity and Teamwork) and these are taught through the curriculum and in assemblies.  We actively promote the fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils is woven throughout the curriculum.


It is our underlying belief that every child should feel valued and experience the feeling of success in a wide range of curriculum areas, so that they feel confident and ready to tackle any challenge they may face. We have designed, organised and planned our curriculum to ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development, which means that in practice our curriculum places equal importance on core and foundation subjects. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure, therefore we carefully design our curriculum and adopt a flexible approach to timetabling to ensure that we can meet and respond to any issues which may arise. Children’s physical and mental wellbeing are as valued and important as academic development. High standards and enabling children to reach national expectations and above is of vital importance if they are to succeed at the next stage of their education and go on to achieve full and happy lives and careers. Our full and rich curriculum, with its excellent range of experiences, ensures that every child at Langwith Bassett Junior Academy makes excellent progress both academically and personally. Our curriculum ensures that every child is given the opportunity to shine and flourish.

We understand the crucial role parents have in promoting learning beyond the school gate and ensuring children make the best possible progress.  We pride ourselves on being an open, friendly and approachable school that encourages parents to be actively involved in children’s learning.  As well as Parents Evenings, we host regular events to inform parents how they can support their child with their learning.


Our curriculum has an ambition for high achievement of all pupils.

This achievement is represented in two key areas:

  • The standards children reach in statutory curriculum areas at the end of each key stage, in relation to their progress and attainment
  • In reality, we will be measuring how effectively our curriculum helps our pupils develop into well-rounded individuals who embody our values and carry with them the knowledge, skills and attitudes, which will make them lifelong learners, and valuable future citizens.