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Music is one of the most inclusive subjects that all children can access. Children can develop a range of key skills including listening, communication and confidence. During music lessons and assemblies, the children are able to listen to and appreciate a wide range of music in a range of genres. All children are given opportunities to compose, evaluate and perform in front of their peers and parents. Music improves children’s emotional and social wellbeing and gives pupils the opportunity to express themselves both physically and emotionally. Most importantly pupils need to embrace any new musical opportunities and develop a love for music.

On Wednesday each week all children will take part in a weekly music assembly. This will include learning about composers and musicians from different eras, genres and countries. The children will be encouraged to use music specific terminology in these assemblies. 

Nursery, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 4 will have weekly music lessons with Debbie. 

Class 3 will have a weekly music lessons learning to play the ukulele provided by the wider opportunities music programme.